Kirtland CAB Meeting: July, 2014

Hello everyone,

There is a quarterly CAB meeting scheduled Tues, July 22 at Caesar Chavez Community Center. 5:30 pm.  It will be preceded by an "information fair" at the same location, beginning at 4:30pm.  The information fair, we are told will have one or more officials from USGS prepared to discuss the monitoring wells which begin installation near Ridgecrest 5 in approximately 2 weeks. 

There has been some gathering momentum for big changes in scope and commitment to cleanup recently. Much of what Citizen Action has been fighting for appears finally, beginning to happen.

The Air Force is beginning to bring outside expertise to technical matters of planning and remediation, long over due. The NM Environment Department (NMED) has reorganized, also hired capable outside people, and has appointed Dennis Mcquillan technical expert in charge of overseeing the KAFB jet fuel spill.  Installation of monitoring wells at Ridgecrest 5 pumping station is scheduled to begin within a month, a long overdue but welcome development.  Citizen Action written Water Utility Authority Resolution 12-14 requiring these wells, ignored for 2 years and long overdue, appears about to become a welcome reality.  

Many more hopeful developments recently, much of which will be discussed at Tuesday's CAB meeting. 

We are told this CAB meeting will be an entirely different format. No long, arduous explanations of charts and data which chew up most of the evening and seem the same every quarter.  No 2 minute limit on public comments.  

There will be a number of far better informed experts at this meeting:

 - multiple NMED personnel working on the Kirtland spill

  - a recent Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) appointee, now full time in Albuquerque to work on this spill.

These people will be available around the room in an informal manner, to discuss serious issues and answer questions. This is an opportunity to receive far better and more complete information which, so many of you have told us, simply has not been available at prior CAB meetings.

We have spoken with several of these people recently and our best technical advisers speak highly of others that will be new faces at CAB meetings and working on cleanup.  

Citizen Action has made many statements, posted articles and studies on our website, and spoken in public repeatedly in recent years highly critical of Air Force cleanup efforts.  Our claims have been repeatedly denied by Kirtland officials, their contractors and many NMED personnel.  We have had some detailed conversation with some of the new faces mentioned in recent weeks: they are now acknowledging the factual basis for most of our prior criticisms,  and appear prepared to demand far more committed and effective action from the Air Force soon.   What we used to argue about, we now agree upon with conversation moving constructively towards what must be done rather then bickering over what hasn't been done.  

There is a lot of activity to suggest the pressure on the Air Force to "get with it" on this cleanup is finally beginning to have an affect.

Those of you who have been interested and concerned about the jet fuel spill should give serious consideration to attending. The more people there, listening and paying close attention, the better chances the Air Force will respond with the kind of effort now, long overdue.



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